WWE NXT Results- November 6th, 2014*

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Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte and Bayley

Sasha is out first followed by Becky. Both divas wait in the ring as Charlotte and Bayley Come out next. Becky and Bayley to start the match the match with a lock up but Bayley with forearms to Becky. Bayley throws Becky in the corner and drives her into the turnbuckle.  Bayley with an strike move but Becky reverses into a takedown and tags in Sasha.  Sasha in and gets scooped slammed by Bayley.  Bayley with a dropped knee and covers Sasha for a one count.  Bayley tags in Charlotte.  Sasha gets up and runs to the corner to tag in Becky.  Becky comes in and gets thrown by her hair.  Becky in the corner and gets slapped.  Charlotte with a snap suplex.

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Charlotte maintaining control with a head lock. Charlotte picks up Becky and hits a few knee to the gut before slamming her back to the matt.  Becky is picked up again and backed into her own corner.  Charlotte is yelling at Sasha to tag in. Sasha refuses and Charlotte continue with the attack on Becky before covering for a one.  Charlotte picks up Becky and throws her into Sasha.  Charlotte chases Sasha around the ring and is stopped by Becky.  Charlotte with punches to Becky before going after Sasha. Charlotte gets detracted and gets pulled down by Sasha.  Sasha tags in and follows up with punches.

Becky gets thrown in the corner and gets whipped out by her hair again. Charlotte with a knee to Becky’s head. Charlotte tags out and Bayley slaps Becky.  Bayley with a snap mare and slaps her on the back.  Bayley covers Becky for a two count.  Bayley and Becky exchange blows.  Becky takes control and backs Bayley into the corner and tags in Sasha who follows up with strikes. Sasha taunts Charlotte and kicks Bayley in the head. Sasha covers for a two.

Sasha locks in a figure four head lock on Bayley mocking Charlotte. Sasha covers Bayley for a two. Sasha throws Bayley into the corner head first and tags in Becky.  They double team Bayley and kick her in the gut.  Becky with forearms and tags out again. Sasha chokes Bayley in the corner with her leg. Sasha pulls Bayley out and scoop slams her.  Sasha covers for a two. Sasha attempts to suplex Bayley but gets reversed. Bayley pins Sasha for a two. Bayley with a clothesline to Sasha. Sasha grabs the leg of Bayley so she can’t tag. Becky distracts Charlotte by grabbing her leg before Sasha knocks Charlotte off the apron. Bayley rolls up Sasha for a two but is reversed and Bayley is rolled up by Sasha with a hand full of tights for the win.