WWE NXT Results- January 8th, 2015*

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Sasha Banks (w/ Becky Lynch) vs Alexa Bliss

Alexa is out first followed by Sasha with Becky. Both divas start the match with shoves and slaps. Alexa backed into the corner. Alexa on the turnbuckle into powerbomb to Sashas for a two. Alexa goes for a head scissor takedown but Sasha reverses into a backbreaker and covers for a two. Sasha with another pin attempt for a two.

Sasha goes for a suplex but is rolled up into a small package for a one. Alexa up to her feet and gets Sahsa in a crucifix and cover for a two. Alexa in the on the second rope in the corner and Sasha comes down onto her with double knees. Sasha with the Bank Statement for the win. After the match Becky and Sasha celebrate.