WWE NXT Results- February 4th, 2015*

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Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Bayley is out first followed by Becky Lynch. Becky side-steps Bayley. Both divas lock up, Becky is put in an arm lock. Becky flips out of it and attacks Bayley’s injured left knee. Becky knees Bayley in the gut and hits a suplex. Becky with leg drops, and covers for a two. Becky strikes Bayley and continues to work the knee again with a submission. Bayley gets up, but is take down by Becky. Becky tossed out of the ring.

Sasha comes down. Becky gets back in the ring. Bayley with a few clotheslines. Becky tries for a submission, but rolls Bayley up. Bayley throws Becky down on her knee. Bayley locks in a one leg Boston crab but Becky crawls to the ropes. Sasha throws Becky back in the ring. Bayley with the belly to Bayley for the win.

Sasha and Becky argue in the ring. Sasha shoves Becky. Becky shoves Sasha down to the mat. Charlotte comes out and stands on the ramp with her arms crossed.