WWE NXT Results – May 6th, 2015*

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We see a video package of Becky Lynch’s past and her accomplishments and storied history in pro wrestling to this date, as the NXT brand seems to continue the push for the Irish starlet.

William Regal then comes out to the ring for the NXT Women’s championship contract signing between Becky Lynch and the champion, Sasha Banks. Lynch grabs the mic and reminds the audience of her global wrestling exploits since her youth, saying that there were points where she didn’t believe this moment was possible, but that every mistake and sacrifice was worth it for the sake of getting to the point of winning the NXT Women’s championship. Banks doesn’t say a word, but merely uses a personalised stamp to sign, before throwing the contract at Lynch and beginning an assault on the challenger. Lynch is able to fight out though, and applies her brutal armbar to The Boss, who frantically taps out before Regal is finally able to restrain them.