WWE NXT Results – June 10th 2015*


Becky Lynch vs Jessie

With a lock up, Jessie gets a good grasping headlock onto Becky. Jessie then puts Becky down with a shoulderblock and a pinfall but Lynch slides out. Becky gets up and delivers a clothesline and dropkick to Jessie. However, Jessie kicks Becky and goes for a failed pinfall. Jessie then proceeds to slam Becky’s head against the mat and works the left arm of Lynch but stretching it across her midsection. Jessie keeps pushing Becky to the mat, however Becky sneaks in a rollup on Jessie, kickout. Jessie knocks Becky down once again with a knee and applies another lock with her chin and arms, but Becky gets another rollup and Jessie kicks out again. Becky gets offensive with a dropkick and clothesline and wraps up one of Jessie’s arms to deliver a suplex. Becky goes for her coveted leg drops and covers, kickout. Jessie attempts to kick Becky to regain offense but Becky catches her and flattens her on the floor face first. Becky applies her finishing arm bar for the win.