WWE RAW Results – August 24th, 2015*

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Miz- Welcome to the most must see show on TV. Are you all ready for a little Divas revolution? Because my guests are the winners of the first ever tag team elimination match. They are lovely, elegant, gorgeous, they are PCB!

Becky, Charlotte, and Paige make their way out to the ring.

Miz- Please have a seat, thank you for being here. Becky I’ll start with you since you pinned Brie–

Becky– Miz it’s not about who pinned who

Paige- We won because we don’t see ourselves as 3 separate divas

Charlotte- We are one cohesive unit, my dad taught me that. From back when he was part of the GREATEST facton in WWE history, the Four Horseman!

Miz- Your dad and I are old friends actually. He taught me the figure four and I perfected it!

Charlotte- Really look at you now, you really lived up to HIS legacy.

Miz- If by that you mean a 12 time champion in the WWE, future hall of famer, crossplatform megastar, then yeah I did. Not only did I live up to his legacy I surpased it. Wooooo. But this isn’t about me, this is about you guys. You can’t be all good power this and sisterhood of the traveling pants that. There’s got to be some competition between the three of you!

Paige- Ok let me explain something to you Miz-y. We couldn’t be here without each other. I couldn’t be without them, and them without me. Ok sweetheart?

The girls lock pinkies

Miz- How cute, 3 beautiful woman who get along a rarity.

Paige- Aw Mizy we’re flattered we just not that into you. We are more than just looks you little pervert.

Charlotte- We’ll take on anyone. Any woman, and man.

Becky– Any ghost, any dinosaur any robot that came from the future to change the past–

Paige- Ok, ok calm down Becky. She’s getting carried away again. We’re not into designer shoes, handbags, or labels. We’re here to prove that this the era of the female athelete. We will not back down, we will not surrender, we are just as strong, agile, just as dominant as any man –Bella’s music cuts them off–

Nikki- Dominant? You think you guys are dominant Paige? That’s like saying Donald Trumps favorite holiday is Cinco De Mayo. As long as I’m Diva’s champion. The only dominant team in the Diva’s division is the on you’re looking at.

Brie- That’s right Nikki, I mean you three are very talented, no one is arguing that. But Team Bella, well we inspire women all over the world -We want Sasha- We are the faces of dominance. We are the faces of empowerment. And you ladies, well, you’re welcome.

Becky– Explain to me Brie how you dominated when you lost last night?

Brie- Aw Becky you’re so cute, I’m not talking about last night. I’m talking about the last few years.

Alicia- Aw are you the wild one? The crazy member of team PCB? That’s so cute. Honey, do you know how many new rookie Diva’s I’ve seen come and go? And how many of those divas are never heard from again in the nine years that I’ve been here?

Becky– Ok so basically you’ve been saying you’ve been around a long time. And you’re the crazy one, you’re basically the NeNe Leaks of the WWE! Oh what are you gonna do Foxy? You gonna throw soda on me?!

Nikki- Actually Becky she doesn’t have to prove anything to you. In fact, none of us have to prove anything to anyone! I mean wins and loses who cares? Because in 3 weeks and 1 day I will because the longest reigning in WWE history -major heat- So girlies you can keep your SummerSlam victory because the only victory that matters is this one -holds up title- Got it? Like it? Aw you wish right Paige? What, cat got your tongue?

Miz- Girls Girls GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!! When my hand goes up your mouth goes shut! And that goes for all of you! PCB you’re the newbies so I’ll give you some advice, you want to revolutionize the division? Then you should emulate someone who has revolutionized the WWE….ME! I took a touch of class and turned it into the most must see WWE Champion in history. All I see right now are a bunch of cackling women with a hashtag who wrestle like a bunch of girls.

PCB closes in on Miz but Team Bella attacks from behind as we head to break.

Team PCB vs. Team Bella

Becky and Brie are fighting as we return from break, Becky has Brie in the corner. She hits a springboard dropkick and a hiptoss. Three leg drops by becky and a tag by Charlotte. Charlotte tries for the figure 8 but Nikki tags. Nikkie tries for a clothesline but misses. Paige Tags and knees Nikki over and over. Knee to the face by Paige, two count. Becky tags and a double headbutt by PCB. Becky locks in an arm twist but Nikki reverse and does one of her own. Roll up by Lynch but two, another try but gets a two. Becky tags Charlotte and she locks in an armbar. Knee to the gut of Nikki and Paige tags in. Paige goes for an arm submission as well. Nikki hits a spinbuster for a two count. Paige puts Nikki in the corner and shoulders her. Becky tags in and stomps away, Charlotte tags. Double dropkick, Brie and Foxy run in but each get a dropkick for their trouble. Charlotte launches herself over the top rop to take out Team Bella.

We return and Nikki has Charlotte in a half boston crab. Charlotte sends Nikki through the ropes. Nikki pulls Charlotte through the ropes. Nikki slams Charlotte’s leg against the steel post. Back in the ring Nikki tags Foxy who focuses on the hurt leg of Charlotte. Paige tags in and starts taking out Foxy. High knee to the face of Fox and then several more quick ones. Big boot by Fox for a two count. Fox to the top buy Paige stops her. Fox on the outside and Paige does a rolling splash on her! Back in the ring Paige takes out the Bellas on the side and puts Fox in the PTO. Brie breaks it up but Becky attacks her. Brie gets the better of Becky and throws her out then drop kicks Charlotte on the outside. The ref gets distracted with getting Brie out and Nikki sneaks in and hits the forearm to Paige. Fox hits the Scissors kick for the win.