RAW Results – September 28th, 2015*

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Miz is in the ring and introduces Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Miz says the world wants to know about this little catfight going on between the three members of PCB. Charlotte says Paige said some things that need to be addressed and she can either come out and they can talk this out or they’re just going to throw down

Team Bella come out instead and thank Charlotte and Becky and says while they’re acting like a bunch of schoolgirls, Team Bella is more united than ever and when they have their rematch Charlotte’s going to be one big mess dealing with all this drama and Nikki will be diva’s champion once again

Charlotte tells Nikki if she comes into the ring she’ll make Nikki tap out again. Nikki says Paige is right all title reigns come to an end even hers after she beat AJ Lee’s record and she says Paige didn’t start the Diva’s Revolution, it’s Nikki who started it

Charlotte says it’s not about any of them. It’s about the people believing in them. Alicia Fox then says 3 is greater than 2. Team Bella drops the mic and Paige comes out  and says Charlotte and Becky wouldn’t be on TV if not for her.

She says she put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT Womens Champion and Charlotte wouldn’t even be champion and Becky would still be an unknown.

Nikki tries to drive the wedge deeoer between PCB and Paige takes a dig at The Bella’s success being attributed to Bryan and Cena. A brawl then breaks out


Team PCB vs Team Bella

Team Bella taking control of this impromptu six diva tag match as Brie unloads with kicks on Becky. Bulldog by Brie. Brie with a chinlock on Becky. Becky gets to her feet but Brie yanks her hair pulling her down to the ma. Nikki in off the tag with a nearfall and picking up where Brie left off with a chinlock on Becky

Becky back to her feet. Becky with a roll up. Double clothesline as both Nikki and Becky collide. Charlotte in off the tag with series of chops to Nikki. Neckbraker by Charlotte and a kick to the face. All six diva’s in the ring momentarily. Charlotte going for the figure four but Nikki kicks Charlotte into Paige.

Paige walks out but Natalya comes out to take Paige’s place. Paige pulls Natalya off the apron. Charlotte distracted as Nikki picks her up on her shoulders for the Rack Attack and the three count