Smackdown Results – September 24th, 2015*

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Charlotte and Becky Lynch make their way to the ring as Becky gets Charlotte a mic. Charlotte talks about Night of Champions being a dream scenario for her to finally become Divas Champion, and she and Becky thank the WWE Universe for believing in the Divas Revolution. She’s interrupted by Paige’s music, as the former PCB teammate makes her way out with a mic. She’s not a team player, and not used to apologizing for her actions, but she realizes she didn’t need to dump on her friends on Monday. Paige claims she started the Divas Revolution, and deserves some recognition. The three of them start arguing until Natalya’s music hits, bringing the lone member of the Hart Dynasty out to the ring.

Paige says this has nothing to do with a “crazy cat lady.” Natalya says she couldn’t be prouder of the Divas division, and that the last time she was excited for the Divas was when Paige won the Divas title. She was one of the first to congratulate her, because she deserved it. She says Paige is better than all this bickering, and Paige agrees…in fact, she is better than Natalya, who is “desperately clinging on to the youthful Divas to feel relevant again.” She slaps Natalya and leaves the ring as her music plays.