WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 6th, 2016*

Alexa Bliss’s Championship Celebration: 

Ding dong the witch is champ. At TLC, Alexa Bliss proved that happy endings don’t exist. Becky called Bliss a word that rhymed with witch. Well, this bitch runs the whole Smackdown division. Becky Lynch comes out to interrupt Bliss. Bliss tells Becky that this is her party and the invitation says, no losers. Becky didn’t get the job done on Sunday, but some whiny petulant little girl can be considered the leader of Smackdown.

It’s one thing to make it to the top, but it is another to stay on the top. Bliss doesn’t care about the adulation of the WWE Universe. This is not the new era anymore, it’s her era. Becky can call her anything she wants, but she will call her Champion. Becky likes what she called Bliss last week even more. Becky wants her rematch right now. Bliss puts down the belt and takes off her jacket. Just as the action was about to start, Bliss rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.