WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 4th, 2019*

In Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie brings out Flair and Lynch. Lynch is still using a crutch for her injured leg. Stephanie tells Lynch that all she has to sign the agreement to not sue if she gets hurt and then she can have her title match at Fastlane. Flair taunts Lynch. Lynch tells Flair that they can fight right here right now. Stephanie tells Lynch to sign the paper and do this the right way. Lynch does. Ronda Rousey is shown power walking into the arena via the ‘tron. Rousey gets in the ring and tells Stephanie that she wanted her to include Lynch, not exclude her. Rousey demands her title back.

Stephanie gives Rousey back her title. Stephanie tells everyone that Lynch will face Flair at Fastlane. If Lynch wins she will be added to the title match at WrestleMania. If Lynch loses she is done. Rousey goes nuts and tells everyone she is tired of pretending and if she sneezed in Lynch’s and Flair’s direction she would break their nose. Rousey kicks Flair in the gut, then unloads on Lynch. Rousey puts Lynch in the armbar three times.

Backstage, Stephanie rants that Rousey showed the world who she really is. At WrestleMania, Stephanie hopes Rousey gets what she deserves.