WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 29th, 2019*


Charly asks Lynch why she would want to defend both belts in one night. Lynch says she could try to protect all that she has or she can fight all. All Lynch knows how to fight. Lynch doesn’t care about odds. Lynch says there is no way she is going to hold both titles hostage. Lynch didn’t become who she is by hiding. Lynch says she Charlotte Flair may have the pedigree but Lynch has Flair’s number. Lacey Evans may have a hell of a right hand but Evans made the mistake of punching someone who likes it. Lynch demands Evans come to the ring so she can remind Evans who she is messing with. Evans walks out and she told Lynch last week to not let her emotions get the best of her. Now Evans is done talking. Evans and Lynch tear into each other. Referees and officials separate the two. Evans and Lynch keep breaking free and attacking each other.