WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 21st, 2022*


Belair puts over the women that were in the Elimination Chamber Match. Belair says she is also the hardEST working woman in WWE. No way she’s going to let RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch get in her way, it’s not happening. Lynch interrupts and congratulates Belair. Lynch says the only reason Belair was able to main event WrestleMania is because she did it first. Belair did it better. Lynch brings up the fact that she beat Belair in 26 seconds.

Lynch says Belair acts like the victim. Belair says Lynch wanted her to just fade away. She did exactly what Lynch told her to, she went to the back of the line and here we are. She isn’t a victim. Lynch proclaims she is the victim. Everyone turned on her just because she beat Belair. Lynch promises to destroy Belair. Belair retorts that if Lynch wants to play the victim, maybe she’ll make her a victim right now. Doudrop’s music hits. Lynch leaves the ring.


Lynch is at the commentary desk. Doudrop rolls up Belair. Belair kicks out. Belair backflips out of the corner to avoid Doudrop. Dropkick by Belair. Doudrop lands a series of strikes in the corner. Belair manages to land a handspring attack that knocks Doudrop off the apron. Crossbody off the apron by Belair. Belair and Lynch get into it at ringside. Doudrop crushes Belair with a low crossbody. After the break, Belair fires up and hits a struggle suplex on Doudrop. Doudrop slams Belair’s face into the mat. Doudrop misses a cannonball. Belair gets a near fall. Doudrop hits a Michinoku Driver. Belair kicks out. Doudrop goes up top. Belair hits a D’lo Brown-style running powerbomb. KOD by Belair. Belair pins Doudrop.

Winner- Bianca Belair