WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 3rd, 2022*


Lynch says no one can beat her. Lynch says she is art and refers to herself as “Vincent van-Goat”. New Year’s resolutions are stupid and you will fail if you have them. Lynch is interrupted by Liv Morgan. Morgan says Lynch knows how close she was to winning the title on Saturday. Bianca Belair’s music hits. Belair says she is sick and tired of Lynch acting like she is untouchable. Belair stepped aside to give others an opportunity but she wants her shot.

Morgan tells Belair to go to the back since she is in the middle of something with Lynch. Belair says her issue with Lynch isn’t finished. Lynch tells them both to get the hell out of her ring. Morgan and Belair attack Lynch and toss her out of the ring. Belair and Morgan tear into each other. Belair lifts Morgan for the KOD but Lynch attacks from behind. Lynch Manhandle Slams Belair.