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 Becky Lynch
Birth Name: Rebecca Quin
Born: January 30th, 1987
From: Dublin, Ireland
Billed Height: 5'6
Becky Lynch started wrestling when she was 15 back in Dublin, Ireland, where Becky and her brother worked various match ups together before she branched out on her own. Becky goal was to do what she had to do to make it to the top. She became a force to be reckoned with on the independent scenes. After hiatus due to a major injury, Becky resurfaced guns blazing to continue her journey in the wrestling industry. Becky eventually landed a spot in the WWE, where she now delivers a lass kicking to anyone who gets in her way. After NXT Takeover: Unstoppable every Diva was put on noticed that Becky doesn't care who she has to Bexplex or Dis-arm to get her hands on the gold.

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MainEvent Result’s November 10th, 2015
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Match Number Three: Becky Lynch versus Sasha Banks (with Tamina and Naomi)

They lock up and Sasha backs Becky into the corner and gives a clean break. They lock up and Sasha with a side head lock but Becky with an arm bar and take down into a hammer lock. Becky gets a near fall and then Sasha gets a near fall. They continue to go back and forth and get near falls. Becky with an ankle take down and two arm drags into an arm bar. Sasha with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall but Becky bridges out. Sasha goes for a leap frog but Becky grabs the leg and takes her down.

Sasha avoids the DisArmHer and Becky tells her she came close to locking it in. Becky with a wrist lock. Sasha holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt. Becky with a rollup for a near fall. Becky with an arm bar. Sasha tries to escape and Becky holds on to the arm bar. Becky with a hammer lock but Sasha with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Sasha with a side head lock take down. Becky with an Irish whip and double jump kick. Sasha is sent to the floor.

Becky sends Sasha back in and Naomi distracts Becky long enough to allow Sasha to recover and drop Becky’s arm on the rope.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha wraps the arm in the ropes and the referee warns Sasha. Sasha with a round kick in the corner and she continues to work on the arm. Sasha with a snap mare and then she stomps on the elbow when she places the arm on the mat. Sasha starts to manipulate the hand and she stomps on the arm again.

Sasha with a key lock and a knee to the midsection. Sasha with an Irish whip but she runs into an elbow. Sasha puts Becky on the middle rope and hits a double knee strike and gets a near fall. Sasha with an arm bar and she slams the arm into the mat. Sasha continues to work over the arm. Becky with punches. Sasha takes Becky down with a cross arm clothesline and gets a near fall.

Sasha sends Becky into the turnbuckles. Sasha is sent to the apron and then to the floor. Becky goes to the apron and she tries to kick Sasha but Sasha blocks the kick and she pulls Becky face first into the apron with an arm wringer. They return to the ring and Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha with a Japanese stranglehold.

Becky gets Sasha on her shoulders and she sends Sasha face first onto the turnbuckles. Becky with European uppercuts followed by clotheslines and a drop kick for a near fall. Becky with a snap leg drop and then she kicks Sasha in the arm and misses a twisting leg drop when Sasha moves. Sasha with a modified divorce court for a near fall.

Sasha tries for a suplex but Becky blocks it and she applies the DisArmHer. Sasha gets to the ropes and Becky is forced to release the hold. Naomi gets on the apron and Sasha tries to interfere but Becky with a rollup for a near fall. Becky with a forearm and she goes for a pump handle slam but Sasha escapes and hits a lungblower into the Bank Statement and Becky taps out

Winner: Sasha Banks

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WWE RAW Results – November 9th, 2015
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normal_055_RAW_11092015rf_0431-4167307403 normal_062_RAW_11092015ej_0700-590120100 normal_066_RAW_11092015rf_0515-2392585092normal_071_RAW_11092015rf_0544-4196718031

Becky Lynch vs. Paige

They lock up and topple through the ropes as they attack each other. Both ladies get back in the ring still grappling. Forearms by Paige, but Becky hits one as well. Paige uses the ropes to her advantage to break things up. Arm submission by Becky. Paige slams Becky’s head into the mat and hits a headbutt. Paige chokes Becky with the ropes and her knee. Paige hangs Becky in the tree of woe and then gets out behind Becky and pulls her arms backwards. Paige hits an abdominal stretch, but Becky reverses it. Paige turns it into a hip toss but Becky hits a clothesline and dropkick. 2 count. Paige hits the high knee and then follows up with a running knee on a sitting Becky. Becky hits the T-Bone suplex. 2 count.

Running leg drop by Becky, she tries for a second one but runs into a kick to the face from Paige. Becky hits a springboard kick but gets caught in the RamPaige. Paige tries for the pin but Becky is under the ropes. Paige tries to get Becky in the PTO but Becky gets to the ropes before it’s locked in. Paige rolls up Becky and grabs the tights but Becky rolls it through and pulls the tights of Paige. Becky gets the win

Paige attacks Becky as soon as the pin is done. She takes her out to the announce table and locks the PTO in on the table. Charlotte runs out to make the save.

Live Event Results: Leeds, United Kingdom – November 7th, ...
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041_Leeds_11072015ca_2693-32290991 046_Leeds_11072015ca_2803-2886317634 048_Leeds_11072015ca_2840-3156153248 049_Leeds_11072015ca_2864-305618927

*  Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeated Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

Live Event Results: London, England – November 6th, 2015
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017_London_11062015ca_806-1948699912 020_London_11062015ca_855-3204405617 025_London_11062015ca_910-806635914 027_London_11062015ca_926-533490837

*  Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella via Submission

WWE Live Event: Cardiff, Wales – November 5th, 2015
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*  Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella (w/ Alicia Fox) via Submission after making her tap to the Dis-arm-her.

Live Event: Dublin Ireland Results – November 4th, 2015
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normal_033_Dublin_11042015ca_1918-991337919 normal_034_Dublin_11042015ca_2141-302192767 normal_036_Dublin_11042015ca_2189-1767248718 normal_041_Dublin_11042015ca_2253-3240358299

*  Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeated Brie and Alicia Fox. It was said the crowd gave Becky a big home welcoming reaction.

RAW Results – November 2nd, 2015
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normal_101_RAW_11022015jg_0646-104430380 normal_107_RAW_11022015jg_0698-2719100320 normal_123_RAW_11022015jg_0765-1716579038 normal_125_RAW_11022015ej_1756-3492014387

We see a replay of Paige turning on Team PCB..again.

Renee Young is backstage with Becky Lynch.

Renee- Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the B in team PC—

Becky- Woah woah woah what did you just call me? Renee! There are children in the audience. Besides as far as I’m concerned there is only one B in team PCB and that’s Paige.

Renee- I’d imagine emotions must be running high with you and Charlotte after what happened last week.

Becky- Well it’s not like I’m in tears or anything. I’m not curled up in the fetal position with a pint of ice cream. But last week was an eye opener that’s why tonight I can’t wait to get my hands on that two-faced, backstabbing–

Renee- You do realize if you win the fatal four way tonight you’ll be facing your best friend—

Brie Bella- UMMMM excuse me. Don’t worry about competing against your girlfriend. If anyone is going to facing Charlotte for the Divas Champion it’s going to be me, not her wacky side kick.

Becky- Excuse me? Wacky side kick? I take that as a compliment coming from Nikki Bella’s pathetic door mat of a sister. *Brie walks away* Ohhhh Renee! There’s gonna be a fight in Denver tonight!


Paige vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella Diva’s Number 1 Contender Fatal Four Way

Brie attacks Becky and Sasha breaks up a quick pinfall. Double dropkick by Becky. Paige tries to attack Becky but Becky strikes first and hammers away. Paige rolls away as Becky and Sasha go at it. Becky gets the shoulder submission on Sasha. Brie breaks up the submission but The Boss throws her into the corner. Becky rolls up Sasha for 2. Several pin attempts by Becky but all get 2. Leg drop by Becky, and another, and a third. 2 count. Missile dropkick by Brie on Becky and Sasha. Brie hits “Brie Mode” on both. Paige runs in and takes out Brie but Becky is up and immediately on Paige. She tackles Paige out of the ring and attacks. Paige throws Becky face first into the steel stairs. In the ring Banks hits the knees to the ribs of Brie Bella. Sasha slaps Brie and tries to pin but gets 2. Brie trips Sasha into the ropes. Brie throws Sasha into the corner and hits a running bulldog. 2 count. Brie misses a missile dropkick on Sasha. We head to break.

As we return Brie is hitting the Yes kicks on Sasha then Becky, but Paige rolls her up for 2! Brie then does the Yes kicks on Paige. Becky breaks up a pinfall attempt, Brie hits a facebuster on Becky. Paige throws Becky out of the ring. Paige throws Brie into the corner and hits the high knee. Brie gets grabbed from behind by Sasha, they battle it out on the top turnbuckle. Paige runs up then Becky, it becomes a Double powerbomb by Becky, and Brie and Paige hit a double Superplex on Sasha. This is awesome chants! Brie and Becky exchange right hands. Becky hits a clothesline on Paige and Brie. T-Bone on Paige from Becky, then one on Brie. Disarmer on Brie! Banks breaks it up. Sasha throws Brie out of the ring. Becky rolls up Sasha for 2. Uppercuts by Becky on Sasha. Neckbreaker by Sasha. Bankstatement on Becky. Paige breaks it up then throws Sasha into the steel lost. Rampaige on Becky Lynch for the win.

Main Event Results – October 27th, 2015
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Screenshot_2015-10-31-23-38-34 Screenshot_2015-10-31-23-40-19 Screenshot_2015-10-31-23-40-30 Screenshot_2015-10-31-23-42-47

Becky Lynch (with Charlotte) vs Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox)

They lock up and Brie sends Becky into the ropes and Brie with a clean break. They lock up and Brie with a side head lock and take down but Becky with a reversal into an arm bar. Becky with a wrist lock and arm bar. Brie with an elbow but Becky floats over on an Irish whip. Becky with arm drags into an arm bar.

Brie backs Becky into the turnbuckles and slams Becky’s head into the turnbuckle. Brie has a kick blocked and Becky with a dragon screw leg whip followed by a series of snap leg drops and a spinning leg drop to lead into a near fall. Brie goes to the floor and Nikki wants a time out for her sister.

Brie with a shoulder from the apron and Brie goes to the turnbuckles but Becky with a forearm to stop her and Becky sets for a superplex. Brie with forearms to drop Becky on the top rope. Brie with a running bulldog and she gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Brie with an arm bar but Becky with punches. Brie with a flying clothesline and she gets a near fall. Brie with kicks of Yes to Becky and instead of the round kick, she ends with a drop kick. Brie with a knee to the midsection and it is time for the Brie Mode Running Knee to Becky against the ropes and Brie gets a near fall.

Brie with a reverse chin lock on Becky. Becky with punches but Brie with a knee and Becky is down on the mat. Brie mocks Charlotte and Brie gets a near fall. Brie with an elbow to the collarbone and she follows with a rear chin lock. Becky with a series of European uppercuts and then both women go for clotheslines at the same time and both are down.

Becky with a forearm as she blocks punches from Brie. Becky with clotheslines and then she hits a drop kick. Becky with a double jump side kick in the corner followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Becky tries for a slam but Brie gets to her feet. Becky with an Irish whip but Brie with an elbow and a missile drop kick. Brie gets a near fall.

Brie has a kick blocked and Becky with an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Brie with a kick but Becky avoids the X Factor and Becky with DisArmHer. Brie tries to get to the ropes and she crawls to get her foot on the rope. Becky has to release the hold. Charlotte gets on the apron to talk to the referee and Nikki pulls Becky to the mat and Brie hits the X Factor for the three count.

Becky Lynch Talk Her Journey In The Wrestling Industry and More
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WWE Diva Becky Lynch joined ESPN Denver’s Raj Sharan as Raw comes to the Pepsi Center on Monday.

RAW Fallout: Charlotte and Becky Lynch Reacts To Paige’s A...
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[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypbXYvAkBDg[/embedyt]

Charlotte and Becky Lynch are left speechless after Paige’s actions tonight on Raw.

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