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 Becky Lynch
Birth Name: Rebecca Quin
Born: January 30th, 1987
From: Dublin, Ireland
Billed Height: 5'6
Becky Lynch started wrestling when she was 15 back in Dublin, Ireland, where Becky and her brother worked various match ups together before she branched out on her own. Becky goal was to do what she had to do to make it to the top. She became a force to be reckoned with on the independent scenes. After hiatus due to a major injury, Becky resurfaced guns blazing to continue her journey in the wrestling industry. Becky eventually landed a spot in the WWE, where she now delivers a lass kicking to anyone who gets in her way. After NXT Takeover: Unstoppable every Diva was put on noticed that Becky doesn't care who she has to Bexplex or Dis-arm to get her hands on the gold.


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NXT Takeover: Respect Results – October 7th, 2015
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normal_042_NXT_10072015jg_1443-45770213 normal_046_NXT_10072015jg_1915-2358223741 normal_049_NXT_10072015jg_1936-1805983595

After Bayley defeat Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship, the entire NXT roster as well as Becky and Charlotte who were in attendance gave Sasha and Bayley a standing ovation for their performance.

RAW Fallout: Becky Lynch shares her fiery wisdom – October...
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Screenshot_2015-10-06-16-21-12 Screenshot_2015-10-06-16-21-15 Screenshot_2015-10-06-16-21-32 Screenshot_2015-10-06-16-22-12

Becky Lynch discusses Paige’s loss tonight on Raw, Charlotte’s future as the WWE Divas Champion, and shares an Halloween joke.

WWE RAW Results – October 5th, 2015
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normal_Becky20151005-01_Still013 normal_Becky20151005-02_Still001 normal_Becky20151005-02_Still003 normal_Becky20151005-02_Still021

The entire roster is on stage as Roman Reigns and John Cena lead them and the fans in a round of applause for the breast cancer survivors.


Becky and Charlotte are seen backstage watching Team BAD victory. Renee Young interviews Charlotte

Renee- Do you think your focus is going to be split going into Hell in a Cell because of Paige?

Charlotte- Listen Paige’s issues are her own, but this rematch is an opportunity to prove me beating the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time isn’t a fluke and the Divas Title is exactly where it belongs.

Madison Square Garden Results – October 3rd, 2015
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6 Diva Tag Team Match – Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Team Bella

We get a recap of the Divas action on Monday Night Raw that saw Paige attacking Natalya and betraying Charlotte and Becky.

Team Bella make their way out to the ring for the next match. Paige is out next, then Becky Lynch is out next, followed by the Diva’s Champion, Charlotte.

Becky and Alicia Fox kick things off. They lock up and Alicia tosses Becky across the ring. Another lockup and Becky tosses Alicia. Becky with a quick heel kick and slams Alicia to the mat before hitting a series of quick legdrops. Paige makes the blind tag and hits a quick knee to Fox’s face before tossing her into the corner for a running knee. Paige continues the assault with knees to the face before sending Alicia across the ring and kicking her in the face for a two count. Paige tags Becky back into the match and Before hits a couple of uppercuts, but Alicia is able to turn things around and tag in Brie. Brie comes in and kicks Becky, but Becky catches a second kick, and hits an exploder suplex that sends Brie to the floor.

Becky chases Brie, and mows down Alicia on the floor, but Brie makes the tag and Nikki attacks Becky from behind. Alicia tags in and she and Nikki hit a double suplex for a two count before Alicia starts stretching Becky’s arms. Alicia picks Becky up and slams her back to the mat before tagging in Brie who comes in with a flying clothesline. Brie hits Becky with a series of elbows to the shoulder, and then locks in a modified rear chinlock. Becky fights up to her feet, but can’t make the tag as she’s thrown into the ropes. Brie hits Becky with a running knee to the face that’s good for a two count.

Nikki tags in and snapmare Becky’s before tossing Charlotte from the apron. Becky with a quick rollup before tagging out to Charlotte. Charlotte hits Nikki with a couple of quick chops, a neckbreaker, and a spear. Charlotte sets up for the figure eight, but Paige tags herself in, and she and Charlotte argue for a bit. Paige turns around into a big clothesline from Nikki, who tags Brie back in. Brie goes for a quick pin, getting a two count. Brie takes Paige into the corner before tagging out to Alicia. Alicia hits a nice Northern lights suplex, bridging into a pin for a two. Alicia follows it up with a rear chinlock.

Alicia tosses Paige back into the corner and tags in Nikki, who wipes Paige out with a rear elbow for a near fall. Nikki traps Paige in another rear chinlock, then rolls her into a front facelock. Paige fights up to her feet, and Nikki breaks the hold. Paige with a kick to the chest and both women hit a clothesline at the same time. Paige crawls for the corner, but both Becky and Charlotte drop from the apron and refuse the tag. Paige is grabbed from behind by Nikki, and is hit with the rack attack for the win.

Nikki gives Becky and Charlotte a thumbs up as they walk to the back. Charlotte and Becky make their way slowly up the aisle, staring Paige down on their way backstage.

Paige grabs a mic and says she can’t believe her teammates would do that to her. That they would leave her high and dry like that. She’s their best friend. Paige says she would never do anything to her teammates like that. She doesn’t know whether she can forgive Charlotte and Becky. Paige drops the mic and makes her way toward the back.

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Smackdown Results – October 1st, 2015
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Becky20151001_Still005 Becky20151001_Still018 Becky20151001_Still064 Becky20151001_Still089

Becky Lynch and Charlotte are backstage. We get a replay from RAW last week.  Becky and Charlotte talk Paige complaining lately and her in actions. Paige walks up and ask Becky to continue you talking. Becky tells Paige to get out her face before Charlotte give Paige an ultimatum to be with them or against them. Becky and Charlotte leaves Paige to think about it.

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Smackdown Screen Capture

RAW Results – September 28th, 2015
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normal_072_RAW_09282015rf_0352-76841744 normal_078_RAW_09282015cm_0559-4254288280 normal_079_RAW_09282015rf_0331-2502688441 normal_090_RAW_09282015rf_0428-2168035249


Miz is in the ring and introduces Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Miz says the world wants to know about this little catfight going on between the three members of PCB. Charlotte says Paige said some things that need to be addressed and she can either come out and they can talk this out or they’re just going to throw down

Team Bella come out instead and thank Charlotte and Becky and says while they’re acting like a bunch of schoolgirls, Team Bella is more united than ever and when they have their rematch Charlotte’s going to be one big mess dealing with all this drama and Nikki will be diva’s champion once again

Charlotte tells Nikki if she comes into the ring she’ll make Nikki tap out again. Nikki says Paige is right all title reigns come to an end even hers after she beat AJ Lee’s record and she says Paige didn’t start the Diva’s Revolution, it’s Nikki who started it

Charlotte says it’s not about any of them. It’s about the people believing in them. Alicia Fox then says 3 is greater than 2. Team Bella drops the mic and Paige comes out  and says Charlotte and Becky wouldn’t be on TV if not for her.

She says she put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT Womens Champion and Charlotte wouldn’t even be champion and Becky would still be an unknown.

Nikki tries to drive the wedge deeoer between PCB and Paige takes a dig at The Bella’s success being attributed to Bryan and Cena. A brawl then breaks out


Team PCB vs Team Bella

Team Bella taking control of this impromptu six diva tag match as Brie unloads with kicks on Becky. Bulldog by Brie. Brie with a chinlock on Becky. Becky gets to her feet but Brie yanks her hair pulling her down to the ma. Nikki in off the tag with a nearfall and picking up where Brie left off with a chinlock on Becky

Becky back to her feet. Becky with a roll up. Double clothesline as both Nikki and Becky collide. Charlotte in off the tag with series of chops to Nikki. Neckbraker by Charlotte and a kick to the face. All six diva’s in the ring momentarily. Charlotte going for the figure four but Nikki kicks Charlotte into Paige.

Paige walks out but Natalya comes out to take Paige’s place. Paige pulls Natalya off the apron. Charlotte distracted as Nikki picks her up on her shoulders for the Rack Attack and the three count

Smackdown Results – September 24th, 2015
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normal_061_SD_09222015ej_0591-3397161186 normal_064_SD_09222015ej_0596-2140329310 normal_067_SD_09222015ej_0604-3987864744 normal_070_SD_09222015ej_0616-1681557960

Charlotte and Becky Lynch make their way to the ring as Becky gets Charlotte a mic. Charlotte talks about Night of Champions being a dream scenario for her to finally become Divas Champion, and she and Becky thank the WWE Universe for believing in the Divas Revolution. She’s interrupted by Paige’s music, as the former PCB teammate makes her way out with a mic. She’s not a team player, and not used to apologizing for her actions, but she realizes she didn’t need to dump on her friends on Monday. Paige claims she started the Divas Revolution, and deserves some recognition. The three of them start arguing until Natalya’s music hits, bringing the lone member of the Hart Dynasty out to the ring.

Paige says this has nothing to do with a “crazy cat lady.” Natalya says she couldn’t be prouder of the Divas division, and that the last time she was excited for the Divas was when Paige won the Divas title. She was one of the first to congratulate her, because she deserved it. She says Paige is better than all this bickering, and Paige agrees…in fact, she is better than Natalya, who is “desperately clinging on to the youthful Divas to feel relevant again.” She slaps Natalya and leaves the ring as her music plays.

RAW Results – September 21st, 2015
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normal_081_RAW_09212015ej_1266-2117917585 normal_088_RAW_09212015ej_1178-955380582 normal_116_RAW_09212015dg_0983-1646967858 normal_120_RAW_09212015ej_1413-3592438689

Charlotte makes her way to the ring with Paige and Becky Lynch by her side. Flair holds the ropes open for Charlotte to enter the ring. Flair and Charlotte let out a “Woo!” Charlotte says she has to compose herself since she and her dad tend to cry when they’re in the ring together. Charlotte says since she was a little girl, she remembers sitting where the people sat and wanting to be him when she grew up. She says if she can make him half as proud as she is of him, she’s doing a good job. She says she loves her father, and they embrace. Charlotte says since the Diva Revolution, teaming up with Becky Lynch and Paige has been a dream of hers since day one. She’s always wanted to win the Divas Championship. In the process, she gained two best friends. Charlotte thanks Becky for always being there for her. As for Paige, they started at NXT together. Paige was the first NXT Women’s Champion. She’s followed in her footsteps ever since. Paige tries to take the microphone, but Charlotte won’t let her. Charlotte says she always wanted to be like Paige.

Paige grabs the microphone and says Charlotte is so nice. This is all so nice. Charlotte won the championship yesterday, and this whole celebration is for her. Paige says they need to think about who made this all possible. Paige says she’s that person. Paige mocks Charlotte for her interaction with Flair. Paige says Charlotte is acting like she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Paige says she won the title on her first day. Title reigns end, and Nikki will get her rematch. They’ll take the title back, and the Divas Division will go back to where it was. There is no revolution. Charlotte is just a placeholder. Paige tells Becky to back off. Paige says Becky is the least relevant of all of them. As for Team B.A.D., they’re all flash and no substance. Summer and Lana are too busy thinking about who they’ll climb on than the Divas Division. As for Natalya, does she even work here? As for The Bella Twins, we all know the real reason they’re here. Paige says Charlotte wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her old man. Becky holds Charlotte back as Paige walks off.

The Bella Twins’ music hits, and Team Bella makes their way to the ring. Nikki Bella says Paige described her wrong, but that’s expected off a classless woman. Nikki welcomes Charlotte to her world. Everyone becomes jealous of her. Nikki says Charlotte looks like she can’t handle it. Nikki says it doesn’t get any easier. In fact, starting tonight it’s not going to be easy because she’ll lose to her sister. When they have their rematch, she’ll lose the Divas Championship as well. Nikki wishes Charlotte luck.

Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella w/ Nikki and Alicia Fox.

Night Of Champions Results – September 20th, 2015
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normal_107_NOC_09202015dg_2216-4168546553 normal_110_NOC_09202015dg_2251-2091993798 normal_135_NOC_09202015dg_2132-316099590 normal_139_NOC_09202015dg_2168-3095288976

Charlotte (w/ Becky Lynch and Paige) defeated Nikki Bella (w/ Alicia Fox and Brie Bella) to become Divas champion.

Smackdown Results – September 17th, 2015
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013_SD_09152015ca_0261-734472900 015_SD_09152015ca_0215-3888702927 017_SD_09152015ca_0220-1983984655 025_SD_09152015ca_0249-3893878594

Team PCB heads to the ring as we get a Raw recap showing the beat down Team BAD delivered Paige and Becky last week.  Becky Lynch starts the match with impressive offense against Sasha Banks with several roll-ups and pin combinations. Becky goes for a high risk move on the middle rope, but Sasha catches her with a big kick to turn the momentum before the commercial break.

We return from the break with Becky Lynch hanging upside-down in Team BAD’s corner. Sasha and Naomi manages to keep Becky down. Becky tags in Paige after kicking Naomi and Sasha off of her. Paige with major offense clearing everyone out of the ring. Sasha distracts Paige from the ring apron, allowing Naomi to roll her up with a small package for the win.

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