WWE NXT Results- February 25th, 2015*

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Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Bayley makes her way to the ring first followed by Becky Lynch. Both divas lock up, Becky with an arm hold on Bayley. Bayley with a take down but Becky bridges out. Becky with a shoulder block. Bayley counters with a shoulder block of her own. Bayley hits an arm drag off the top rope. Becky with a suplex to Bayley and covers for a two. Becky stomps to Bayley. Becky hits a few leg drops and cover for a two. Becky applies a head lock to Bayley. Bayley gets out the hold but Becky follows up with an uppercut.

Bayley with an forearm knocking Becky off the apron face first. Bayley with a sliding dropkick through the bottom turnbuckle.

Bayley rolls Becky back in the ring. Becky knee Bayley on the apron. Bayley takes Becky down with forearms. Bayley strike Becky on the mat. Bayley throws Becky into the corner and spears Becky and hits a few elbows. They go to the top rope, Becky shoves Bayley arm onto the ropes. Bayley with an elbow off the top rope and covers for a two. Becky locks in arm hold before under hooking her legs to Bayley and locking in the submission tighter for the win.