WWE RAW Results – July 13th, 2015*

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Divas Segment

The Bella Twins come out and explain how Nikki become Divas Champion. She goes on to declare they run the divas division. Stephanie comes out and tells Team Bella that she runs the show and she going to start a revolution in the divas division just like woman sports around the world.

Steph – Hang on a second here, Paige is out here because I want her out here. Now, things are going to change, starting now. I want this revolution here in WWE. Paige wants it, but courage can’t do it by itself. It takes backup, but for some reason no one has been willing to stand by your side, but I know someone who is. I know someone who has had to fight, scratch and claw to get everything she has. Someone who’s not afraid of the fire. Someone I’d want in a Fox hole with me! Joining Paige right now is Becky Lynch!

Out comes Becky Lynch! Paige and Lynch shake hands. Team Bella step right past Paige, Lynch and Charlotte, and at Naomi, Tamina and Banks. Paige, Charlotte, and Lynch step behind Team Bella. Team Bella doesn’t approach Team BAD, they turn to see that they are blocked from behind by Team Paige.

Nikki shoulders push Banks hard, Banks grabs Nikki by the hair and slams her to the mat. All divas start fighting. Banks on Fox. Lynch on Brie. Charlotte with Tamina in the center of the ring. Tamina tossed out by Charlotte. Charlotte grabs Brie for a drop kick, then kips up. Nikki and Fox rush her, but Charlotte is all over them both. Enziguri on Charlotte from Naomi. Paige on Naomi with a PTO. Tamina kicks Paige in the head. Banks back on Fox, and Naomi kicks Nikki to the mat. Brie with a Thesz Press. Banks kicks Fox in the corner.

Running double knees to Nikki’s chest in one corner, Fox’s in the next, but Lynch steps aside and Banks eats corner. Lynch with a slingshot kick to Banks’ face, sending her from the ring. Brie on Lynch from behind. Charlotte blocks Fox’s scissors kick and locks on the back bend bridging Figure 4. Lynch with a arm bar on Brie. Banks back in and grabs Nikki with a code breaker, then locks on the bank statement on Nikki. All NXT Divas continue with holds on Team Bella in the ring.

Paige, Naomi and Tamina back into the ring as Team Bella leaves.The six Divas in the ring argue as Team Bella are on the floor at the bottom of the ramp. Steph, on stage, nodding and smiling.