WWE Main Event Results – July 28th, 2015*

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Screen Captures Here

Backstage with JoJo & Becky Lynch.

JoJo asks Becky about her match against Brie Bella. Becky says that she has pure joy and butterflies in her stomach. She says that it is the WWE BEXperience. Brie stops by and she says that she is excited to be Becky’s first singles opponent to show why Team Bella is the brand to beat.

Becky says she is only interested in one Bella. Becky says that she has asked Paige and Charlotte to stay in the back, but if you are afraid, you can have your friends out there. Becky says that she cannot wait to show why they call her the Lass Kicker.


Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella

Both divas lock up and they go to the ropes but break. They lock up again and Becky with a wrist lock. Brie tries to escape but Becky holds on to the wrist lock. Becky yanks on the arm but Brie with forearms. Becky with a back elbow and follows up with another wrist lock. Becky with a hammer lock but Brie with an elbow and shoulder tackle.

Brie goes for a cover but Becky bridges to escape. Becky with an arm drags into an arm bar hold. Brie to her feet and backs Becky into the corner. Brie sends Becky’s head into the turnbuckle followed up with kicks in the corner. Brie goes for a suplex but Becky counters and goes for the Dis-arm-her. Brie gets to the ropes and then rolls to the floor.

We go to commercial.

Back from break and Becky with leg drops. Becky covers for a two count. Brie with an elbow, kicks Becky, and sends her into the ring post shoulder first then drops Becky’s arm on the middle rope as she goes to the floor. Brie works on the shoulder. Brie kicks Becky and wraps her arms in the ropes and works on the shoulders.

Becky with a boot to Brie but Brie follows up with a clothesline for a two. Brie with a wrist lock submission and turns it into a cross arm breaker and gets a near fall. Brie with knees to the midsection and then she sets up for a running knee and gets a near fall.

Brie with an arm bar but Becky gets back to her feet and escapes with an arm drag. Becky with a knee and European uppercuts followed by clotheslines and a drop kick for a two. Becky goes for a suplex but Brie with a knee and a DDT for a two. Brie misses a charge into the corner and Becky follows up with a middle rope kick.

Becky puts Brie on the turnbuckles and with a forearm. Becky sets for a top rope maneuver but Brie sends Becky into the ropes and Brie with a missile drop kick and Brie gets a two. Becky blocks a round kick and follows up with a t-bone suplex for a two. Brie with a kick to the knee, goes for a maneuver and gets a two. Becky escapes and applies the Disarmher and Brie taps out.