WWE RAW Results – August 17th, 2015*

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Becky Lynch (w/ Team PCB) vs Tamina (w/ TeamBAD)

Team BAD are out at the ring, Tamina in the ring. Team PCB to the ring next.

They lock up, Lynch tossed off and Tamina gloating. Lynch behind Tamina, tossed off again. Paige and Charlotte talk Lynch up as Banks and Naomi mock. Tamina with head butts on Lynch. Tamina gets Lynch up, but Lynch breaks away. Lynch runs under Tamina twice, then flies, but caught and slammed for a two. Tamina slams Lynch to the mat for two.

Chinlock on Lynch on the mat. Lynch up with blows, but runs into a clothesline for a two. Tamina all over Lynch’s hair, is yelled at for it. Lynch comes back with blows, is whipped, Tamina eats corner. Lynch climbs with a missile drop kick on Tamina for a two.

Tamina with knee to Lynch’s gut, then Lynch counters on Tamina with the dis-armer and Tamina taps out.