Happy Birthday Becky Lynch*


Happy Birthday Becky! We hope you have a bectacular day and all your wishes come true. We are beyond proud of far you have come from dancing on people to lass kicking and suplexing people everywhere. This year is your year and soon you will be the face of the Divas Division with the championship around your waste. Moreover, we decide to give your fans the chance to wish a Happy Birthday to you as well.

My favorite thing about Becky is her brave, charming character who captures your attention whenever you see her! – @BeckysLynchs

I guess I should start at the beginning. I was watching NXT and then BAM! this new chick comes on the screen and starts doing a jig. I pass it off as okay, and then she wrestles and I’m in shock! Fast forward and she trades in her green gear for some Punk rock looking leggings and then wow, she has the look, the talent, and a certain draw to her not a lot of wrestlers (male or female) have with me. Then we fast forward again and she comes out with bright orange hair and this unique but awesome attire and has the best match I’ve seen from anybody in a long time! I realized, “Wow, I have to meet this chick!” So I buy a plane ticket to Florida in July for an NXT event in Venice. The time starts getting close and Becky was out with an injury at the time, and the Wrestling sites were all saying she was coming back soon and I get REALLY excited! I have all my stuff around, I have my Lass Kicker shirt and my NXT Championship belt already in my suit case and I go and watch Monday Night Raw. The Monday before my event (that Saturday) she is called up along with Charlotte and Sasha. I’m upset but optimistic that she’ll be there too. Saturday comes and I get a cab to the venue, I want to be first in the building so I get there at 1 PM. I’m chilling inside the venue (a maintenance worker let me in, really nice guy) until the WWE comes and says I would be a liability if I was in there during setup, but I’m still first in line as it was only 4 PM. The event starts, I meet Solomon Crowe, Bayley, and Mojo Rawley at the meet and greet, no Becky. Intermission comes, no Becky. Main event, no Becky. I’m heart broken. I grabbed my goggles from the merch table before the meet and greet, I am all excited, and three months of excitement is crushed. But at the same time, it was worth it. Even though I didn’t get to meet Becky, I got favorites and replies on Twitter, met the other wrestlers (my NXT belt is signed to the max) and even developed a friendship with Solomon (now Sami Callihan again.) My year was made when I received a “Happy Birthday” tweet, which makes me sound almost creepy, along with the fact I flew 1000 miles to meet a wrestler. Anyways, since this is a long read, thank you Becky Lynch for everything. You have given me inspiration to do well in my career (I start my own training in May) and I hope I make you proud. Happy birthday from your fellow #LassKicker and leader of the #LassKickerArmy – Luke (@RiSe_Assassin)


Happy birthday backy and good luck in the next year . I love you ♥! – Benjamin (@promeke97)


Photo by Vince Castudo

I just want to say a huge happy birthday to you Becky Lynch, I really hope you have a bexcellent day. I love how you never fail to impress your fans, you’re the perfect role model who everyone loves to look up to. I love you so much and keep doing what you’re doing and that is kicking some lass because you are doing the Irish so proud. Happy 29th birthday future WWE Diva’s Champion – @LynchsDemon


Photo by Rockstar Kiesha


Photo by Alex Razor