WWE SmackDown Results – June 2nd, 2016*

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First Match: Charlotte w/Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch 

Becky and Charlotte locks up. Charlotte whips Becky to the ropes and there’s a clean break. Becky lands two deep arm drags and applies a armbar. Charlotte drives Becky back first to the corner. Charlotte knocks Becky off the middle rope with a neck breaker. Becky lands a couple of right hands to the gut of Charlotte. Charlotte launches Becky to the ring apron. Becky with a forearm to Brooke who hops on the ring apron. Charlotte with a boot to the face that sends Becky crashing to the outside. Becky with two running clothesline and follows that up with a leg lariat. Becky with a running forearm to Charlotte in the corner. Back kick followed by a exploder suplex for a two count.

Becky runs into a back elbow from Charlotte. Charlotte with a palm strike followed by a rolling knee drop. Becky fires up with a series of forearms. Charlotte rolls Becky up for a two count. Becky gets Charlotte in the Cross Armbreaker, but Charlotte gets out of the hold with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte goes for a moonsault, but Becky rolls out of the way. Charlotte goes for a double leg takedown, but Becky gets Charlotte trapped in the DisArm Her. Brooke tries to help Charlotte reach the bottom, but the referee catches her and Charlotte gets disqualified. After the match Charlotte and Brooke double teams Becky and Natalya storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Becky Lynch via DQ 

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