WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 28th, 2019*

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey (c) vs Bayley

Bayley goes after Rousey’s previously injured left arm. Bayley tries to stun Rousey in the ropes. Rousey grabs Bayley and puts her in a rope hang arm breaker. Rousey tries to get back in the ring. Bayley catches Rousey with a stunner. Bayley whips Rousey into the corner. Rousey tries an up and over but her knee gives out. Bayley chop blocks Rousey. Bayley lands a dragon screw that sends Rousey careening out of the ring. After the break, Bayley is working over Rousey’s knee. Bayley drives Rousey into the corner. Bayley charges in lands a rolling clothesline. Rousey tosses Bayley around the ring by her arm.

Rousey’s knee gives out again. Rousey blast Bayley with a Superman punch. Bayley gets a near fall. Rousey tries a big boot but Bayley traps Rousey’s leg in a kneebar. Rousey counters. Rousey and Bayley fall out of the ring. Bayley launches Rousey into the barricade with a Bayley-to-Belly. After the break, Bayley sends Rousey to the outside. Sliding dropkick by Bayley. Bayley gets a two count. Bayley lands the top rope elbow. Bayley puts Rousey in the Banks Statement. Rousey gets to the ropes to break the hold. Bayley goes up top. Rousey hops up to the top rope and takes Bayley down to the mat with a rolling armbar. Bayley taps out.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey!

After the match, Rousey helps Bayley up. Bayley and Rousey shake hands. Becky Lynch’s music hits. Lynch limps down to the ring. Lynch says she told Ronnie that she would find a way back to her again. For about a year now Lynch has been hearing about the Baddest Woman on the Planet. Last time Lynch was on Raw, she dropped Ronnie. Lynch is here to prove that Rousey isn’t it. Lynch says she doesn’t need time to think, Lynch chooses Rousey. Lynch says at WrestleMania she is going to kick Rousey’s ass in front of the whole world. Rousey grabs a mic but she is drowned out by boos again. Rousey says she can rebreak Lynch’s face faster than Lynch can say, Nia Jax. Rousey could kill Lynch with her bare hands. Everyone here knows it. Rousey is going to break Lynch at WrestleMania.