WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 3rd, 2020*

Asuka w/Kairi Sane vs. Natalya 

Asuka and Natty both attempt submissions. Neither can get the advantage. Asuka runs over Natty with a shoulder block. Asuka misses a spinning back fist. Natty lands a series of punches. Spinning powerbomb by Natty. Natty attempts the Sharpshooter but Asuka kicks her away. Asuka rolls out of the ring. After the break, Asuka gets a near fall after a shining wizard. Asuka locks in a guillotine. Natty counters into a suplex. Asuka tries a hip attack. Natty catches Asuka in midair. Asuka rolls up Natty. Natty kicks out. Natty floors Asuka with a discus lariat. Natty puts Asuka in the Sharpshooter. Asuka makes it to the ropes. After a distraction from Sane. Asuka slaps on the Asuka Lock. Natty taps out.

Winner- Asuka

After the match, Asuka grabs a mic and demands a rematch against Lynch for the RAW Women’s title. Lynch walks to the ring. Lynch says after ducking her for a year Asuka wants to fight her again? Lynch says beating Asuka at the Rumble damn near gave her superpowers. Lynch wants to drink from that cup again. Lynch tells Asuka that she’s on. Sane tries to attack Lynch but Lynch quickly dumps Sane out of the ring.