WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 20th, 2021*

In-Ring Segment: Liv Morgan

In a promo, Morgan talks about “Rebecca” tried to hurt her before their title match. She says she knew she couldn’t let Lynch get the best of her. Morgan shares her thought process about following Lynch to her private gym. She then plays the Digital Exclusive video in which she tried and failed to attack Lynch at her gym. Morgan admits that Lynch was a step ahead of her, but she still views it as a win because she knows Lynch is threatened by her. Morgan criticizes Lynch for sacrificing one of her own students and calls this act “disgusting.” She vows to win their match at WWE Day 1. Morgan says Lynch can try to break her arm, but she’ll break Lynch’s face.

Lynch comes out and says her students know they have to their dues. Morgan says she only needed one arm to beat up Lynch. Lynch promises that, at WWE Day 1, she’ll show Morgan that luck runs out. “Big Time Becks” says Morgan can’t handle the heat in the spotlight, but the challenger says she’ll ring in the new year as the champion. Morgan throws a kendo stick at Lynch and tells her she brought it for the champion. Lynch backs down from the fight and walks away.