WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 14th, 2022*


Adam Pearce introduces Becky Lynch and Lita. When Lynch’s music hits, she looks dejected and is dressed as if she is depressed. Lynch asks Lita not to do this. She hasn’t slept in a week because her teenage idol attacked her last week and is trying to take her title. Lynch asks Lita what she has left to prove. Lita should leave now while her legacy is still protected. Lita asks the crowd what she thinks she should do. They want her to sign the contract. Lita says she didn’t come here for one match, she has one last run in her.

Lynch doesn’t have to like it but this match is happening. Lita signs the contract. Lynch says Lita is pushing her and she has no idea what she is capable of. Don’t think for a second Lynch won’t go for Lita’s neck. When people think of Lita now they have a smile on their face, after their match, they will have a tear in their eye. Lita says she’s going to end Lynch’s 500+ day title reign. Lita says if she really helped create Lynch, she has to end her. Lynch tosses the contract at Lita and walks away.