WWE NXT Results- November 20th, 2014*


Becky Lynch w/ Sasha banks vs Bayley

Bayley is out first followed by Becky Lynch with Sasha Banks next. Both divas lock up and Bayley with shoulders to Becky’s midsection in the corner.  Bayley with a Irish whip but Becky reverses. Bayley with an elbow as Becky charges in the corner. Bayley is on the middle rope and hit a flying armdrag sending Becky into the opposite corner. Bayley charges in but is tossed over the top rope and gets slammed into the mat by the hair by Becky. Becky drags Bayley back in and followed up with a suplex. Becky with a stomp, followed up with a legdrop, and a elbow drop by Lynch into a a pin for a two count.

Becky wuth a triangle wing hold to Bayley. Bayley tries to get up but get a rolled up for a one count. Bayley throws Becky down by the hair, followed by repeated clotheslines. Becky thrown into the corner, Bayley with shoulder block to the midsection, followed by a running back elbow. Bayley with a suplex and cover for a two. Bayley to the second rope, Becky notices Bayley and rolls to the outside as Bayley goes after her. Bayley grabbes Becky to bring her back in the ring but gets distracted by Sasha Banks, allowing Becky to drop down on Bayley head, roll in and roll her up using the tights to get the win.

After the match, Banks and Becky  continue to bully Bayley over their win, Charlotte comes out abd chases Team B.A.E away.