WWE NXT Results- December 4th, 2014*

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* Charlotte defeats Mia Yim via Natural Selection

Post Match

Sasha Banks comes out to the ramp.  She says good job to Charlotte and request the she hand over the title since she is just going to beat her for it anyway. Sasha says she has more flair in her pinky than Charlotte has in her entire body.  After NXT Revolution she will end up a loser like her daddy.  Bayley comes out and tells Sasha to shut her stupid rachet face up.  Sasha kicks Bayley injured knee and takes off when Charlotte chases her. Sasha comes back and jumps Charlotte but gets caught.  Charlotte brings Sasha to the ring and rolls Sasha inside. Becky Lynch comes down and distracts Charlotte before taking an elbow. Sasha hits a back breaker to Charlotte. Sasha stands over Charlotte with the NXT Divas title.