WWE NXT Results- January 28th, 2015*

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Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are interviewed backstage. Devin ask Sasha about the Fatal 4 Way and her thoughts about Becky being included. Sasha says Becky will do the right thing at Takeover. Once Sasha walks off Becky says she will do the right thing and walk out NXT Women’s Champion.

* Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs Charlotte and Bayley

Charlotte makes her way to the ring for the divas tag team match. Bayley is out next followed by Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Bayley and Sasha start things off with a lock up, Banks with a shoulderblock. Bayley up and hits a shoulderblock of her own, and covers for a one. Bayley into the corner and hits an arm drag. Bayley thrown into the corner and goes for another arm drag. Becky tags in. Becky with strikes to Bayley and tags Banks back in. Bayley drags Banks into the face corner and tag out.

Charlotte rolls Sasha up for a one. Becky tags in. Charlotte with slap to the chest of Becky. Charlotte with knee drop and covers. Charlotte tags Bayley. Bayley hits an elbow drop followed by a sliding clothesline. Becky rolls out the ring and runs around before sliding back in. Banks grabs Bayley’s hair and drops her neck while the ref is distracted. Becky hits a suplex and several leg drops, covers for a two. Bayley is thrown in the heel corner and Banks gets the tag as they double team her, cover for a two. Banks mocks Bayley before works the left knee.

Becky tags in. Bayley counters Becky with a suplex. Charlotte and Sasha tagged in and go at it. Charlotte counters and hits a neckbreaker. Charlotte applies a bridge figure four lock on Sasha but Becky breaks it with a drop kick. Charlotte clotheslines Becky. Banks hits a cross arm neckbreaker and covers. Bayley breaks the pin but hit Charlotte. Charlotte gets mad and shoves Bayley. Bayley with a big forearm. Charlotte takes Bayley down with punches. Everyone gets in and start a big brawl and the ref calls for the bell.

Charlotte throws Becky out while Bayley throws Banks out. Bayley and Charlotte brawl again in the ring as more referees try to separate them.