WWE NXT Results – August 12th, 2015*

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Becky Lynch vs Bayley – #1 Contender’s Match

Both divas lock up, Becky gets caught in an arm lock. Becky works Bayley’s left arm. Bayley gets Becky down, cover. Bayley works the left arm of Lynch. They trade the hold several times. Bayley applies a headlock. Bayley flips her over and drives her elbow into her. Lynch with arm drags, arm lock on Bayley on the mat. Lynch takes Bayley to the corner. Bayley hits an arm drag and clothesline into the corner. Bayley with a bull dog, cover. Bayley rolls Lynch up, two. Bayley covers again for a two.

Becky hits a suplex with the arm wrapped behind her, two. Lynch throws punches in the corner. Bayley’ arm is wrapped up in the ropes. Bayley kicks and punches Becky until Lynch drags Bayley down into a hyper extension hold. Becky covers, two. Lynch works the left arm again, Bayley punches her way out. Lynch applies the hold again on the mat. Lynch wraps Bayley’s arm in the ropes. Bayley gets up and throws punches only with her right hand. Lynch whips Bayley down to the mat shoulder-first, cover for two.


Lynch has Bayley in another arm hold. Bayley tries throwing punches again, and manages to clothesline Lynch with a double ax. Bayley is kicked in the corner. Bayley with a jack knife, kickout. Bayley covers again. Bayley with a back slide, Lynch gets out with the lock intact. Lynch suplexes Bayley, cover. Becky connects with leg drops. Bayley with a low clothesline. Bayley spears Becky in the corner and hits a flying elbow.

Bayley connects with the flying elbow from the top, nearfall. Bayley punches Becky on the apron. Lynch gets space and goes up top, but Bayley stops her. Bayley throws punches and then body slams Lynch, cover for two. Lynch drags Bayley down into the arm bar. Bayley reaches the bottom rope, Lynch is forced off. Bayley fights out of a suplex, and then counters with one of her own.

Bayley tries for belly to belly. Lynch reverses to try the Disarmher, but Bayley rolls her up for the win.