WWE Smackdown Results – August 20th, 2015*

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Team Bella is out first. Alicia Fox on the mic as she Brie put over Nikki Bella for her Diva’s Championship reign and how it’s approaching the record reign which belongs to AJ Lee. Team B.A.D. interrupts them and they trade insults back and forth. Becky Lynch is out next with Charlotte as she informs the diva teams in the ring that she is about to kick some lass.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella

Becky Lynch takes control early on by taking both Sasha and Brie out with hip tosses and arm drags. Off commercial, Brie hits Brie Mode kness and gets a two count but is broken up on by Sasha.  Sasha then stacks Brie on the middle rope and Becky on the bottom for her knee drop in the corner. Sasha chokes Brie in the corner. Becky get back in the ring and uploads with an Exploder Suplex to Sasha and Brie, covering Brie for a two count. Brie reverses Becky and knocks Sasha off the apron. Brie with a roll-up grabbing the tights of Becky for the win.