RAW Results – September 21st, 2015*

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Charlotte makes her way to the ring with Paige and Becky Lynch by her side. Flair holds the ropes open for Charlotte to enter the ring. Flair and Charlotte let out a “Woo!” Charlotte says she has to compose herself since she and her dad tend to cry when they’re in the ring together. Charlotte says since she was a little girl, she remembers sitting where the people sat and wanting to be him when she grew up. She says if she can make him half as proud as she is of him, she’s doing a good job. She says she loves her father, and they embrace. Charlotte says since the Diva Revolution, teaming up with Becky Lynch and Paige has been a dream of hers since day one. She’s always wanted to win the Divas Championship. In the process, she gained two best friends. Charlotte thanks Becky for always being there for her. As for Paige, they started at NXT together. Paige was the first NXT Women’s Champion. She’s followed in her footsteps ever since. Paige tries to take the microphone, but Charlotte won’t let her. Charlotte says she always wanted to be like Paige.

Paige grabs the microphone and says Charlotte is so nice. This is all so nice. Charlotte won the championship yesterday, and this whole celebration is for her. Paige says they need to think about who made this all possible. Paige says she’s that person. Paige mocks Charlotte for her interaction with Flair. Paige says Charlotte is acting like she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Paige says she won the title on her first day. Title reigns end, and Nikki will get her rematch. They’ll take the title back, and the Divas Division will go back to where it was. There is no revolution. Charlotte is just a placeholder. Paige tells Becky to back off. Paige says Becky is the least relevant of all of them. As for Team B.A.D., they’re all flash and no substance. Summer and Lana are too busy thinking about who they’ll climb on than the Divas Division. As for Natalya, does she even work here? As for The Bella Twins, we all know the real reason they’re here. Paige says Charlotte wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her old man. Becky holds Charlotte back as Paige walks off.

The Bella Twins’ music hits, and Team Bella makes their way to the ring. Nikki Bella says Paige described her wrong, but that’s expected off a classless woman. Nikki welcomes Charlotte to her world. Everyone becomes jealous of her. Nikki says Charlotte looks like she can’t handle it. Nikki says it doesn’t get any easier. In fact, starting tonight it’s not going to be easy because she’ll lose to her sister. When they have their rematch, she’ll lose the Divas Championship as well. Nikki wishes Charlotte luck.

Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella w/ Nikki and Alicia Fox.