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 Becky Lynch
Birth Name: Rebecca Quin
Born: January 30th, 1987
From: Dublin, Ireland
Billed Height: 5'6
Becky Lynch started wrestling when she was 15 back in Dublin, Ireland, where Becky and her brother worked various match ups together before she branched out on her own. Becky goal was to do what she had to do to make it to the top. She became a force to be reckoned with on the independent scenes. After hiatus due to a major injury, Becky resurfaced guns blazing to continue her journey in the wrestling industry. Becky eventually landed a spot in the WWE, where she now delivers a lass kicking to anyone who gets in her way. After NXT Takeover: Unstoppable every Diva was put on noticed that Becky doesn't care who she has to Bexplex or Dis-arm to get her hands on the gold.

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WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 8th, 2016
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Fourth Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Becky and Bliss go to the collar and elbow tie up. Bliss armdrag’s Becky. Becky goes for the DisArmHer, but Bliss reaches the bottom rope. Becky with a leg sweep for a one count. Bliss with a snap mare into a pinning position for a one count. Becky with a Oklahoma Roll for a two count. Bliss continues to the sequence of pin attempts with a regular roll up for a one count. Becky goes for a O’Connor Roll, but Bliss blocks it. Becky with a series of deep armdrag’s. Becky dropkicks Bliss. Bliss kicks Becky in the knee. Bliss with a high kick to the shoulder of Becky.

Bliss irish whips Becky shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Bliss launches Becky back first to the steel ring steps. Bliss rolls Becky back into the ring. Bliss applies an armbar using the middle rope for leverage. Bliss keeps hold of the armbar. Bliss with a hair whip to the canvas for a one count. Bliss continues to work on the arm of Becky. Bliss with a drop toe hold that sends Becky face first to the bottom turnbuckle. Bliss bounces Becky’s wrist on the ring apron. Bliss continues to apply more pressure to shoulder of Becky. Bliss with a knee drop to the shoulder of Becky. Bliss applies a short-arm scissors hold.

Becky rolls Bliss up for a two count. Becky with a deadlift sitout powerbomb for a two count. Becky with a back elbow to Bliss. Becky with a boot to the face in the corner. Bliss goes for a leaping lariat, but Becky ducks out of the way. Becky with a series of running lariats followed by a side kick. Becky with a running corner forearm. Becky with a springboard side kick to Bliss in the corner. Becky plants Bliss with a exploder suplex for a two count.

Becky ascends to the top rope. Becky goes for a flying leg drop, but Bliss rolls out of the way. Bliss drives her knee to the gut of Becky for a two count. Bliss talks smack to Becky. Bliss with a series of forearms to Becky. Becky and Bliss engage in a series of back and forth running forearm strikes. Becky with a side kick to the gut of Bliss. Becky with a sunset flip in the corner for a two count. Bliss goes for the Twisted Bliss, but Becky gets back on her feet.

Becky and Bliss battle for position on the top rope. Bliss goes for Tornado DDT, but Becky blocks it. Becky goes for a exploder suplex, but Bliss plants her with a DDT for a two count. Bliss goes for a flying splash off the second rope, but Becky drives her boot tot he midsection of Bliss in mid-air. Becky with a O’Connor Roll for a two count. Bliss responds with a rollup of her own for a two count. Becky gets Bliss in the DisArmHer and Bliss begins to tap, but her foot was on the bottom rope. The referee doesn’t see Bliss’s foot on the bottom rope and calls for the bell.
Winner: Still WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch via “Submission”


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