WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 8th, 2019*


Lynch thanks the crowd. Lynch can barely get a word out. The crowd is drowning her out with their cheers. At WrestleMania the woman who walked in with nothing left with everything. Lynch says she knows she isn’t the fastest or strongest. Lynch will always find a way to win in the end. Lynch says whenever Rousey is done sulking Lynch will be here to slap the head off her shoulders. Lynch says the McMahons will probably hand Flair the tag titles to help her get over this. Lynch says she is here and she is ready to slap the head off of anyone who wants some. As Lynch is walking up the ramp Lacey Evans cuts her off. Evans decks Lynch. Evans walks away. Lynch attack Evans from behind. As they fight up the ramp, Lynch almost puts Evans in the DisArmHer. Evans gets away.