WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 15th, 2019*


Lynch stomps Riott in the corner. Dropkick by Lynch. Riott rolls out of the ring. Baseball slide by Lynch. Lynch clotheslines Riott off the apron. After a distraction from Logan, Riott gets a near fall on Lynch. Riott chokes Lynch on the ropes. Riott gets another near fall after a falling senton off the top. Lynch rolls Riott into the DisArmHer. Logan and Morgan pull Riott out of the ring. Lynch splashes Morgan and Logan off the apron. Lynch puts Riott in the DisArmHer again. Riott taps out.

Winner- Becky Lynch

After the match, Logan and Morgan try to attack Lynch but Lynch fights them both off.

Natalya walks to the ring as Lynch is still there. Natalya congratulates Lynch. Natalya says she is here to let Lynch know that she is coming after the Raw Women’s championship. Lynch is about to agree to give Natalya a title shot but Lacey Evans interrupts. Evans says she convince the McMahons to make the next match for the first shot at Lynch’s Raw Women’s title.