WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 16th, 2020*

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch

Lynch says Shayna Baszler bullied her way to the top in NXT. Lynch knows that as long as she is the champ Baszler knows her whole existence is a lie. Lynch is the prey that killed her predator. Lynch wants Baszler to think about what is going to be like when Baszler loses to Lynch. Reality is going to hit Baszler like a truck at WrestleMania. Baszler is shown watching backstage.

In-Ring Segment: Stone Cole Steve Austin

Austin takes a beer bath in the ring. Austin tells us he blew himself up during his entrance. Austin asks the “crowd” to give him a hell yeah. There is no one here. Saxton gives Austin a hell yeah. Austin tells Saxton, “what”. Austin reads a list of what 3:16 day means. As Austin reads off the cards, Saxton rates each of the tenets of 3:16 day. Basically, today is a day when you can wipe anyone ass. Austin thanks Saxton for his help. Austin invites Saxton to the ring for a beer. Austin poses a toast to Saxton. Austin calls Saxton a jackass. Austin drops Saxton with a Stunner. Becky Lynch’s music hits. Lynch runs down to the ring with a cooler of beer. Lynch steps on Saxton on her way to the ring. Lynch and Austin share a few beers in the middle of the ring.