WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 13th, 2021*


Lynch brags about her victory over Liv Morgan last week. If Morgan managed to beat her, the crowd would turn on Morgan just like they did her. Lynch says everyone in the WWE Universe has an opinion even though they have no idea what it’s like to be her. Morgan inturupts. Morgan says Lynch doubted her and that’s why she almost lost last week. She knows that she can beat Lynch and just like the little girl from last week, she believes it.

Morgan challenges Lynch to a rematch. Lynch says Morgan isn’t ready and she doesn’t have the killer instinct. Morgan hits the ring and attacks Lynch. Lynch sends Morgan into the ring steps before trapping Morgan’s arm between the ring post and the ring steps. Lynch stomps the steps into Morgan’s arm over and over again. As Morgan screams in pain, Lynch accepts Morgan’s match and says she’s going home. Lynch tells Morgan she should probably put some ice on that.