WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 6th, 2021*

Backstage, Becky Lynch says it’s a big night… for Liv Morgan. Morgan has momentum. There is a new bandwagon to jump on and the Liv Morgan train is rolling. Lynch says no one really wants Morgan to win the title. The minute you win it, they turn on you. Tonight is just another Monday for the RAW Women’s Champion.


Lynch goes behind Morgan and drops her to the mat. Lynch trash-talks Morgan. Clothesline by Lynch. Morgan floors Lynch with a shoulder block. Lynch reveres a leapfrog into a facebuster. Morgan and Lynch trade pin attempts. Lynch tries to lock in the Disarm-her. Morgan turns it into a pin. Lynch drops Morgan with a right hand. Lynch misses a dive. Codebreaker by Morgan. Morgan catches Lynch with a suicide dive. Morgan hurts her elbow as she lands. Lynch kicks out.

After the break, Lynch is working over Morgan. Morgan tries to fire up but Lynch cuts her off with an inverted DDT.  Morgan catches Lynch with a boot. Lynch trips Morgan on the top rope. Morgan hits her head on the top turnbuckle. Morgan and Lynch trade strikes. Thez press by Morgan. Lynch avoids Oblivion. Morgan stomps Lynch on the apron.

Morgan goes up top and lands a dropkick. Lynch kicks out. Morgan puts Lynch in the Rings of Saturn. Lynch turns it into the Disarm-her. Morgan gets to the ropes. Morgan reverses the Manhandle Slam into a pin. Lynch kicks out and turns it into a pin of her own. Lynch hooks the ropes as the referee counts to three.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!