WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 31st, 2022*


Rousey says she’s been debating since Saturday on whose title she is gonna take, Charlotte or Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t deserve her attention. Rebecca is and always will be on her undercard. Either way, everyone will know that she’s the top dog. Becky Lynch inturupts. Lynch reminds Rousey that she’s the only person to ever pin her. Lynch says she wouldn’t blame Rousey for choosing the easier target (Charlotte). Lynch tells Rousey that time is money, so she needs to know who Rousey is going to pick right now.

Rousey Judo throws Lynch. Rousey says Lynch will have her answer Friday. Rousey tosses the mic at Lynch and walks away. Lynch complains in the ring. Lita’s music hits. Lita walks down to the ring and it’s a love fest between the two. Lita notes that Lynch never backs down from a challenge so Lita issues a challenge for a title match at Elimination Chamber. Lynch says no. Lita asks Lynch if she’s scared. Lynch agrees to the match.