WWE NXT Results- October 9th, 2014*

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Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Becky is out to the ring first followed by Sasha Banks. Sasha gets in Becky face. Becky hits Sasha with her hair following it up with an arm drag to Sasha.  Becky with an arm bar submission before rolling up Sasha for a two count. Becky on the arm again but Sasha slams her to the matt and covers for one. Becky bridges out and follows up with a drop kick. Becky charges in the corner but Banks moves and starts slapping Becky in the back.

Banks chokes Becky with her foot in the corner. Banks whips Becky to the opposite corner and charges in. Becky with an elbow. Becky tries to kick Banks but gets caught and placed between the second rope. Sasha with a double knee to Becky. Sasha goes for the cover for a two.  Sasha locks in a double arm submission hold.

Becky fights out but gets slammed to the matt and covered for a two.  Sasha locks in the submission again but drives her knee into the back of Becky.  Becky reverses and rolls up banks for a two.  Becky goes for a backslide but Banks fights out.  Becky with a european uppercut and followed by a series of clotheslines.  Becky with a leg drop and covers for a two.  Becky springboard kicks Banks in the corner. Becky runs the ropes into a maneuver but gets caught by Banks with a clothesline.  Banks hits a back breaker and applies the Bank Statement for the win.