WWE NXT Results- October 16th, 2014*

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Becky Lynch vs NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte

Becky Lynch is out to the ring first followed by Charlotte. Both divas pace the ring before locking up. The divas lock up and Charlotte with a wrist hold.  Divas with different maneuvers before Becky takes control with an arm drag into a arm submission hold.  Charlotte makes it to her feet and takes control with Becky wirst. Becky goes to the matt and takes down Charlotte. Becky counters into a leg submission on Charlotte. Charlotte rolls up Becky but Becky bridges out.

Charlotte runs the ropes into another arm drag by Becky. Charlotte with a sidewalk back breaker to Becky. Charlotte with elbows followed up with a figure four head lock on Becky. Becky bridges back and pins Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte throws Becky into the ropes but misses the drop kick. Becky with forearms before a double clothesline from both Divas.  Becky with a series of leg drops and covers for a two count. Becky goes for a suplex but gets reversed into a fisherman suplex. Charlotte with a cover for a two. Becky with a side heel kick and cover for a two. Charlotte with a neckbreaker on Becky followed up with the Natural Selection for the win.

Backstage segment

Becky confronts Sasha on her actions lately and says she hopes Sasha gets what’s coming to her. Sasha says Becky and Bayley are too nice. Sasha then goes on to say she will do anything to make it to the top and that Becky needs to look at herself in the mirror and see what she will do to make it as well.