WWE NXT Results- November 27th, 2014*


Bayley makes her way to the ring because she has something she wants to get off her mind.

Bayley mentions that she doesn’t have a match tonight, but she wanted to be here. She goes on to say her friend Charlotte said that she shouldn’t be here tonight because Charlotte wouldn’t there to have her back. She was told that Sasha and Becky are bullies, but she has dealt with bullies her entire life. Bayley says that her mom told her to stand up to the bullies because bullies are cowards.

Sasha Banks comes out with Becky Lynch.

Becky and Sasha surrounds Bayley but Bayley goes after Sasha. Becky hits Bayley from behind and goes after her knee. They stand over Bayley and while referees come to the ring to separate them and check on Bayley.