WWE NXT Takeover: Rival Results- February 11th,2015*

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NXT Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte vs. Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Bayley makes her way to the ring first. Sasha Banks next followed by Becky Lynch. Charlotte makes her way to the ring last. Sasha with a kick to Charlotte. Sasha and Becky double team to Charlotte. Sasha and Becky get clotheslined by Charlotte. Bayley rolls up Charlotte. Charlotte is sent to the outside by Sasha and Becky. They get back in the ring and double team on Bayley. Bayley thrown into the corner. Sasha and Becky tries to pin Bayley at the same time.

They fight each other and Becky with a under hook suplex to Sasha. Becky hits a few leg drops on Bayley. Becky throws Bayley in the corner and follows up with a dragon screw. Becky applies a leg lock submission hold. Sasha Banks breaks the hold. Becky is taken to the corner as Sasha unload with strikes.

Becky goes up top and hit a missile dropkick on Sasha and covers. Charlotte gets back in the ring and breaks the pin. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker on Sasha. Becky breaks the pin. Charlotte takes Becky down with a neckbreaker and covers but Sasha breaks up the pin.

Charlotte and Sasha with back and forth strikes. Charlotte goes for a spear to Sasha but Sasha side steps her and Charlotte spears Becky. Bayley and Charlotte double team Sasha with a suplex. Charlotte is put on the second rope in the corner followed by Becky. Sasha hits a knee drop on both divas, and covers on Charlotte but kicks out. Sasha pins Becky next, and then Charlotte again. Bayley gets in and suplexes Sasha.

Bayley with running elbows to Charlotte in the corner. Bayley hits a hurricanrana on Charlotte from the top rope. Bayley with belly to Bayley. Becky breaks the pin. Becky is thrown onto the apron head first. Bayley dropkicks Becky through the bottom turnbuckle. Sasha glide onto both divas. Charlotte with a big cross body on all three divas.

Charlotte throws Becky back in the ring. Becky hits a Beplex for a two. Becky with uppercuts. Sasha is taken down by Bayley. Becky and Bayley are in the corner with Charlotte. Bayley hits a German to Becky. Bayley with a belly to Bayley from the top rope. Sasha throws Bayley out and pins Charlotte. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement until Becky gets on the apron. Sasha kick Becky off the apron and locks in the hold again. Charlotte tries to reach the ropes. Sasha rolls her up for the win.