WWE NXT Results- April 22nd, 2015*



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Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch (Number 1 contender’s match)

Bayley comes to the ring first, to a typically big pop from the NXT faithful. Lynch is out next, followed by Charlotte. Charlotte is first to attack, targeting Becky Lynch, and Bayley joins her in doing so, the pair sitting some double team moves, but the alliance doesn’t last long as a flurry of pinfalls begin. The pair continue respective assaults on Lynch, forcing her to exit the ring, before Bayley and Charlotte exchange chops and forearms, before Bayley is finally able to gain the upper hand with forearm smashes in the corner. Bayley’s momentum is short-lived however, as Charlotte counters and hits figure-four headlocks repeatedly as she seizes control in a brutal manner. She continues the assault on Bayley, however Lynch returns to the ring and targets Charlotte, hitting a huge suplex as we go to a commercial.

Becky Lynch asserts dominance over Bayley as we return, hitting forearms to the back of the head, and a trio of running leg drops off the ropes, giving her a near fall. She targets the left knee of Bayley with some stiff kicks, and follows that with a leg-lock submission, Bayley reverses however and almost steals one with a near fall. Lynch attempts to reassert herself, but Bayley gets fired up with a few stiff shots, but as she attempts a spear into the corner, Lynch rolls through and locks in a modified cloverleaf submission in the centre of the ring. Bayley has nowhere to go, but Charlotte makes the save with a Natural Selection to Becky Lynch, almost stealing one before Bayley makes the save from the pin.

The crowd chant ‘this is wrestling’ as Charlotte and Bayley ascend the top rope, but Lynch pulls Charlotte’s legs away and herself ascends, attempting a superplex on Bayley, before Charlotte lifts her for a powerbomb, with Bayley hitting a diving elbow as Charlotte slams her. Fantastic double-team move reminiscent of the Road Warriors, and the crowd respond with ‘holy s***’ chants. Bayley hits a fisherman suplex on Charlotte, before a Bayley to Belly on Lynch almost give her the win before Charlotte makes the save, before applying the figure four leg-lock to Bayley, and though Bayley is able to get to the ropes, Charlotte merely pulls her away and reapplies the hold. Charlotte bridges her body to make the move a ‘figure eight’, but as the hold is applied, Becky Lynch drapes an arm over Bayley for an unexpected three count. A fantastic contest from these fantastic female competitors.

Winner and Number 1 Contender: Becky Lynch

Backstage, Sasha Banks congratulates Becky Lynch but tells her she will not take the NXT Women’s title from her, claiming that she made Lynch. Lynch responds by claiming that she made herself, and tells her to save it for the ring.

Credit to: PWMaina.com