WWE NXT: Brooklyn Results – August 8th, 2015*

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Becky Lynch vs Emma vs. Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte

Emma is the first to make her way to the ring. Dana Brooke enters. Becky Lynch and Charlotte make their way to the ring next. They all stare at each other until Emma and Brooke back up into each other. Charlotte and Lynch clear the ring. They lock up, headlock on Charlotte. Lynch dropkicks Emma out of the ring. Both Charlotte and Becky dropkick Brooke and kick up at the same time. Charlotte and Lynch finger lock until Lynch hits an arm drag. Becky works the left arm and puts in a behind the back hold. Charlotte flips Lynch over using her legs. Brooke and Emma roll back in to beat them down.

Emma and Brooke slam Lynch to the mat. They flip Charlotte over the ropes. Brooke and Emma roll out and stomp on Charlotte. They send Charlotte into the barricade back-first as we go to commercial break.

Emma and Brooke are still working together, kicking Lynch who is down on the mat. Brooke strikes Becky and slams her to the mat. Emma kicks Charlotte off the apron. Emma slams Lynch against the mat, Brooke pushes Emma away and takes her turn. Emma and Brooke suplex Lynch together. Charlotte grabs Dana, but Emma dropkicks her away. Brooke goes outside and kicks Charlotte. Emma connects with an underhook suplex, Brooke breaks the cover.

Emma pushes Dana before Lynch rolls Emma up. Brooke breaks the cover for Emma. Emma and Brooke high-five. Brooke kicks Emma across the head. Charlotte sneaks back in the ring and chops Brooke. Charlotte with a neckbreaker on Brooke, boot to Emma. Charlotte nails a double DDT and tries covering both a couple times each. Lynch is up top and dropkicks Charlotte. Becky tries checking on her but goes on to clothesline Brooke and suplex Emma.

Lynch with a springboard kick on Emma, suplex on Brooke. Emma breaks the cover. Emma tosses Becky aside and hits the Emma Bite Sandwhich on Charlotte and Lynch. Emma covers Lynch for the three.

Charlotte spears Emma after the match. Charlotte hits Natural Selection. Brooke attacks Charlotte from behind. Becky gets in and hits a fall away slam. Lynch applies the Disarmer on Emma as Charlotte applies the Figure 8 on Brooke. Charlotte and Becky stand tall on the ramp to end the show.