WWE RAW Results – August 31st, 2015*

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Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox – Beat the Clock Challenge

Becky rolls up Alicia fast but gets two. Another try but two. Alicia tries for a pin but gets two. And again. Becky gets an arm submission on Foxy. Becky tries for the armbar but doesn’t get it. Fox gets in the ropes but then hits a big boot thanks to the ref holding Becky. Fox throws Becky by the hair and then stomps her hand. Fox hits a weird dropkick and then locks in a headlock. Elbow by Becky and an uppercut. Clothesline by Becky, and a second. Dropkick and a pin by Becky but only two. Springboard stomp by Becky and a fallaway slam, two count. Fox rolls up Becky, but she counters into the Disarmer forcing Fox to tap out at 3:21.