Smackdown Results – September 17th, 2015*

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Team PCB heads to the ring as we get a Raw recap showing the beat down Team BAD delivered Paige and Becky last week.  Becky Lynch starts the match with impressive offense against Sasha Banks with several roll-ups and pin combinations. Becky goes for a high risk move on the middle rope, but Sasha catches her with a big kick to turn the momentum before the commercial break.

We return from the break with Becky Lynch hanging upside-down in Team BAD’s corner. Sasha and Naomi manages to keep Becky down. Becky tags in Paige after kicking Naomi and Sasha off of her. Paige with major offense clearing everyone out of the ring. Sasha distracts Paige from the ring apron, allowing Naomi to roll her up with a small package for the win.