Smackdown results – Decmber 10th, 2015*


Becky Lynch vs. Paige

Becky and Paige lock up. Paige with a side headlock takedown to Lynch. Lynch with two armdrags to Paige. Paige rolls to the outside as Charlotte is watching from the backstage area. Paige with a superkick to Lynch for a one count. Paige with knees to the midsection of Lynch on the ring apron. Paige with a clubbing blow to the back of Lynch. Paige with a running knee to Lynch for a one count. Paige with a headlock. Lynch with armdrag to Paige. Lynch with two uppercuts, dropkick and exploder suplex to Paige. Lynch misses on a running forearm. Paige and Lynch knock each other down with a double clothesline. Charlotte comes out to distract Paige. Paige goes for the RamPaige, but Lynch locks in the DisArm Her to pickup the victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch