WWE SmackDown Live Results – August 30th, 2016*

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Third Match: Natalya & Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi & Becky Lynch 

Naomi and Natalya starts off this match. Natalya with a boot to the face of Naomi. Natalya runs through Naomi. Naomi with a dropkick that sends Natalya to the outside. Natalya talks strategy with Alexa Bliss. Natalya applies a side headlock coming out of the commercial break. Natalya with a hair whip to Naomi. Natalya knocks Becky off the ring apron. Natalya tags in Bliss. Natalya and Bliss with a double team hair whip. Bliss rams her boot into the back of Naomi’s neck. Naomi with a forearm that knocks Natalya off the ring apron. Naomi with a dropkick to Bliss.

Naomi goes for the tag, but Bliss gets in the way. Bliss goes to the ground and pound attack. Bliss drives her knee to the midsection of Naomi. Naomi with a leg lariat to Bliss. Naomi tags in Becky. Becky clears the ring. Becky with a series of dropkicks to Bliss. Becky with a running corner forearm. Becky plants Bliss with the Bexploder for a two count. Carmella comes out of the crowd to attack Nikki Bella. Nikki rams Carmella back first into the ring apron. Carmella fires back with a haymaker. Carmella irish whips Nikki back first into the barricade. Carmella steps on Nikki ribs. Bliss attacks Becky from behind. Bliss rolls Becky up with a hand full of Becky’s tights to pickup the victory.

Winner: Natalya & Alexa Bliss