WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 13th, 2016*

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Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch Promo: 

Alexa Bliss was about to have a match with Deonna Purrazzo, but she’s not like Becky Lynch, she doesn’t deal with charity cases. Bliss asks Purrazzo if she’s trying to be James Ellsworth? Bliss starts attacking Purrazzo. Bliss tosses Purrazzo to the outside. Becky comes out to interrupt Bliss. Becky was terribly rude last week and she wants to apologize. Becky caught Bliss off guard asking for her rematch. Tonight, Bliss is in her ring gear and so is she.

If Bliss is looking for some real competition, why not have that rematch right now. Bliss thinks about it and she tells everyone to shut up because the champ has something to say. Two weeks in a row, Becky interrupted her. Becky can have her rematch, but not tonight, it will be on her terms. Shane McMahon music hits. Shane doesn’t know what’s going through Bliss’s mind because that is not how they roll here on SmackDown Live. Shane tells Bliss she has a title match against Becky Lynch and that match is next.

Third Match: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship 

Bliss backs herself to the ropes to cause separation. Becky and Bliss goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Becky gets Bliss in position for the DisArm Her, but Bliss reaches the bottom rope. Becky with a series of waist lock takedowns. Becky float’s over into an front facelock. Becky with a cover for a two count. Becky applies a side headlock. Bliss rolls her over for a one count. Becky applies an armbar. Bliss gets out of the hold with a back elbow.

Bliss goes for a hip toss, but Becky counters with a series of deep armdrag’s.  Becky with a springboard side kick to Bliss in the corner. Becky goes for the BexPlex, but Bliss blocks it. Bliss kicks Becky in the gut. Bliss follows that up with a hair whip to the canvas for a two count. Bliss steps on Becky’s hair. Bliss goes for a knee drop, but Becky counters with a rolling crucifix for a two count.

Bliss slaps Becky. Becky with two clotheslines, a dropkick and a corner forearm. Becky goes for the BexPloder, but Bliss blocks it. Becky goes for the DisArm Her, but Bliss rolls out of the ring. Becky with a forearm smash to Bliss. Becky with a flying forearm off the steel ring step to Bliss. Bliss exit’s the ring and it looks like she’s tweaked her knee. Bliss gets herself counted out. After the match, Becky attacks Bliss. Bliss drives Becky in the corner. Bliss stomps on Becky’s chest. Becky is now stomping on Bliss’s chest. Becky connects with a hip toss. Becky goes to the ground and pound attack. Bliss rolls out of the ring.

Winner: Becky Lynch via Countout, but still WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss