WWE SmackDown Results – September 17th, 2021*

Homecoming Celebration

Kane introduced Knoxville’s own, Bianca Belair. Belair joins Kane in the ring. Belair talks about how Knoxville made her and at Extreme Rules she’s going to take back her Women’s Championship. Kane says after she wins her title back they are going to have a huge parade in her honor. Kane presents her with the key to Knoxville County. Belair says she is proud to be Knoxville-made. Belair leads the crowd in the Knoxville anthem. Becky Lynch inturupts. Belair asks why Lynch is here when she doesn’t even go here. The crowd chants “you don’t go here.”

Lynch says tonight is Belair’s night and she doesn’t want to steal her thunder. Lynch asks for a handshake. Belair shakes Lynch’s hand. Lynch tries to leave but Belair won’t let go of Lynch’s hand. Lynch takes a swing at Belair but Belair avoids it and lifts Lynch up for the KOD. Lynch escapes and drops  Belair with the Manhandle Slam. Lynch grabs her title and leaves.