WWE Day 1 Results – January 1st, 2022*


Morgan barely connects on a code breaker. Lynch falls out of the ring. Morgan slams Lynch’s head into the commentary desk over and over again. Lynch cuts Morgan off while she is attempting a dive. Morgan lands a running knee in the corner. Morgan stomps Lynch in the corner. Lynch kicks out. Morgan puts Lynch in the Disarm-her. Lynch escapes but Morgan locks her in the Rings of Saturn. Lynch gets to the ropes. Morgan tries a ranna but Lynch swings her into the turnbuckle. Lynch hits a rope hang leg drop. Morgan kicks out. Morgan surprises Lynch with a sunset bomb. Lynch somehow manages to kick out at 2.9.

Lynch puts Morgan in the Disarm-her but Morgan gets to the ropes. Facebuster by Lynch. Kicks out by Morgan. Morgan sends Lynch out of the ring. Morgan lands a dive. Lynch slams Morgan’s head into the desk over and over again. Morgan is almost counted out. Morgan traps Lynch’s hand in the ring steps and stomps them over and over again. Arm breaker off the top by Morgan. Morgan puts Lynch in the Rings of Saturn again. Lynch turns it into a pin. Morgan kicks out, Morgan tries Oblivion, but Lynch reverses it into the Manhandle Slam for the win.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!